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Chocolate for a cancer patient

I love chocolate, I love homemade chocolate and I like to offer chocolate to cancer patients.

I like to see a smile on a cancer patient face, I know how hard can be struggling to win the fight with cancer.

This post is to encourage you to offer this time of the year a chocolate bar, a chocolate basket or a homemade chocolate to a cancer patient. More ideas here:

Gift ideas for a teenager with cancer



Homemade chocolate with cherry inside and white chocolate topping

Try my homemade chocolate recipe with cherry inside:

with white chocolate topping.

So delicious and so luxurious!


Edible chocolate bouquets

I like to eat chocolate. And for a special event, a chocolate bouquet edible is all that you need to make a good impression.

Find the best at

I like the sugared almond flower blooms.

Perfect gifts for every occasion.

Try out the new edible chocolate bouquets.


Chocolate with thyme

The recipe for this homemade chocolate, I'll post in a few days, it is delicious....


Chocolate with honey and red pepper

-two teaspoons dried cherry
- half teaspoon fine ground black and red pepper
- one teaspoon lemon zest
- two teaspoons raw honey
- two spoons sour cream
- two cups chocolate chips

Mix the ingredients for 3 minutes on the heat at 185 Farenheit.

Chocolate with canary melon and red pepper

A perfect chocolate homemade with canary melon and redd pepper. It is my boyfriend's favorite!

- two cups chocolate chips
- two teaspoons sour cream
- one small red pepper fine chopped
- two teaspoons lemon zest
- four teaspoons dried canary melon
- two teaspoons raw honey

Mix the ingredients and stir for 3 minutes at 185 Farenheit.

If you use fresh canary melon, you should know, the chocolate needs to go to the refrigerator because it will melt  due to the canary melon juice.


Chocolate with cherry and lemon made in home

Let's prepare a chocolate with cherries in jelly and lemon zest.

My recipe includes:
- 1 cup dark chocolate
- 8 cherries in 1 teaspoon brandy
- 1 teaspoon lemon zest fine chopped
- 4 spoons raw honey

In order to have a smooth chocolate, you have to add 2 spoons with sour cream and mix all the ingredients for 2 minute over the heat.

I use a silicon tray and stir the chocolate there.

Enjoy the chocolate made by you, chocolate with cherry and lemon made in home!


Chocolates - milk chocolate with poppy seeds and lime

I like chocolates.
I am a chocolate addict.

And one big thing: I like to cook. Cooking is relaxing for me after a long day of work and after I put my two beautiful daughters to sleep at 9.00pm. Yes, I like to cook at night.

I write here my personal recipe of homemade chocolate with poppy seeds and lime. One more thing: I had some dark chocolate candies received as gift and my daughters didn't enjoyed......


- 3 cups chocolate chips
- 1/6 cup poppy seeds
- 1/2 lime finely chopped
- 4 spoons sour cream
- 4 spoons raw honey

Mix together for 3 minutes in a small container on boiling water ("bain marie").

Bain marie on Wikipedia:
The smaller container, filled with the substance to be heated, fits inside the outer container, filled with the working liquid (usually water), and the whole is heated at, or below, the base, causing the temperature of the materials in both containers to rise as needed. The insulating action of the water helps to keep contents of the inner pot from boiling or scorching.

Enjoy chocolates!

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